Individual Actions, Shared Impact

Working to Save People, Wildlife, and the Planet

Group of bison in a field in front of a range of snowy mountains
Collin O'Mara

Letter from Collin O’Mara

President and CEO
National Wildlife Federation

The biggest wins for wildlife are only possible because of individual actions.

Embracing EqUity & Justice

Addressing Inequities Internally & Externally

The National Wildlife Federation strives to ensure that environmental justice is an integral part of its core mission. Because we recognize that this is extremely important and necessary when creating external partnerships, we work to ensure programs across the Federation are incorporating environmental justice and Tribal justice into their action plans.

“Monarch Sky” mural by John Cuevas in Palm Desert, CA.
Credit: Erica Powell
100+young professionals
of color gain
career tools
Forging Authentic Partnerships

Shared Values and Common Goals

The Federation’s impact and success in conservation and advocacy efforts emerge from its commitment to building authentic relationships that make our communities stronger.

Credit: Tahlia Bear
Inspiring Future Generations

Leaving a Legacy that Matters

At the heart of the National Wildlife Federation’s work is a desire to leave a legacy to future generations of thriving wildlife, protected natural resources, and open access to cherished landscapes.

Students clean up sports field on the campus of University of Wisconsin-Madison, as part of Campus Race to Zero Waste.
Credit: University of Wisconsin Madison
200million single-use plastic containers kept out of landfills
addressing the Climate Crisis

Amplifying Voices and Prioritizing Needs

The climate crisis threatens wildlife and people alike. Throughout 2022 we saw climate-fueled hurricanes, floods, fires, heatwaves, and other unnatural disasters underscore how this global crisis and its local impacts touch every facet of our lives.

Two sisters run happily on a rugged rock landscape in Western Colorado near Fruita.
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Making a Difference

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Group of people planting trees at Boyd Anderson HS in Florida

Tree Equity Work in Broward County

The Federation and NatureScape Broward works with schools, parks, community leaders, and elected officials to create beautiful natural habitats that support both wildlife and people. Participants planted native trees to support migratory birds and provide benefits to residents.

Photo Credit: Patrick Fitzgerald

A heron hunting in body of water

2022 Coastal Resilience Growth Fund

The Coastal Resilience Growth Fund is a multi-regional programmatic and fundraising strategy to ensure equity and justice is at the center of our coastal resilience work. We advocate for long-term solutions that will reduce community risk while strengthening coastal habitats.

Photo Credit: Lynn Cleveland

Mural artwork “Destino Monarca” by Irving Cano celebrating butterfly habitat restoration and conservation

Monarch Mural Celebrating Habitat Restoration

We co-sponsored a new art mural to celebrate our collaborative habitat conservation and restoration in McAllen & other cities in Deep South Texas. The restored habitats are a safe haven for monarchs and many other migratory species since. 

Photo Credit: XXX

Flowers planted along side of road

Restoring Monarch & Pollinator Habitat 

As part of our efforts to protect monarch butterflies and pollinators, we built and expanded partnerships in Missouri and Texas to restore 114 acres of habitat along roadsides, including 75 acres in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and 34 acres in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri.

Photo Credit: National Wildlife Federation

Ribbons of Life Wildlife Habitat 

Our “Ribbons of Life” project identified conservation opportunities for wildlife habitat along New Mexico and Colorado waterways. It also detailed policies and funding sources that could promote long-term conservation, while also exploring the cultural connections that local Pueblo and Hispanic communities have with the land and water.

Photo Credit: iStock

Wolf standing in field looking out in the distance

Wolf Reintroduction Report 

The Federation issued a report to provide science-based recommendations and considerations to guide Colorado in its reintroduction and re-establishment of a sustainable gray wolf population. 

Photo Credit: Teresa Mcgill

Little girl walking through forest with stuffed bear

The Bear Factory Sustainability Report 

After involvement with our Great Lakes Regional Center, Jimmy Barish changed the business model of his family-owned company, The Bear Factory to being devoted to “operating in an ethical and sustainable fashion.” 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Bear Factory

Lady holding document by Arizona State Senate

HECHO Honored by Senate & House

The HECHO house and senate resolution noted “Hispanic leaders will help elevate the vital importance of promoting Hispanic culture, traditions, and perspectives in strengthening the advancement of the conservation of public lands and waters for future generations.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of HECHO

Bumble bee on a flower

Taylor Morrison & NWF Connect Homeowners to Nature

In 2022, homebuilder Taylor Morrison advanced its commitment to natural open space within its developments by introducing native plants to support butterflies, moths, and bees. NWF worked with a leading entomologist to create a native plant list for various U.S. locations. 

Photo Credit: iStock

Salmon swimming in river

Salmon Campaign with Nez Perce 

For decades, we have been fighting alongside Columbia River Basin Tribes, state leaders, and conservation organizations to protect the endangered salmon. In 2022, the Salmon Orca Project played an active role in summits organized by the Nez Perce Tribe to protect the endangered salmon and to find solutions to save the salmon that sustain the Northwest and the Tribal way of life.

Photo Credit: iStock

Montana Conservation Corps crew building beaver damn analogs

Riparian Connectivity Partnerships

We are proud to continue our Riparian Connectivity project with over 20 partners. Our shared goal is to provide land managers in central Montana with a blueprint on how to enhance riparian habitat and retain water in an arid area.

Photo Credit: Sarah Bates

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