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Earth Tomorrow group – XX
Monarch Butterfly on milkweed – Mary Windhorst
Woman watering plants – XX
Young woman next to stream – iStock
River Otters – Kenny Bahr
Family on hike – iStock

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New York – iStock
Wind River Reservation – Fort Peck
Denver – iStock
Philadelphia – iStock
Mississippi – iStock
Choptank River – iStock

Letter from the President

Canoeing on lake – XX


Header – Pronghorn in New Mexico – Danny Hancock
School class planting – iStock
Bison grazing – iStock
Bighorn Sheep – Kim Davidson
Monarch Butterfly on milkweed – Mary Windhorst
Pronghorn grazing – Casey McCurdy
Bighorn Sheep by wildlife crossing – Candace Noneman

Education & Engagement

Header – Monarch butterfly in hands – David Clode
Students at Washington University at St. Louis – XX (Campus Race to Zero Waste website)
Campus Race to Zero Waste social media graphic – XX (Campus Race to Zero Waste website)
Woman gardening with shovel – XX
High school students preparing for kayaking – XX (Earth Tomorrow)
Campus Waste to Zero Waste participants – XX (Campus Race to Zero Waste website)
Adding soil to plant pots – XX
Church garden – XX


Header – Badger – NWF’s Facebook
Bee on Lanceleaf coreopsis flower – @watcherfox
Watering plants – XX
Native plant home kits – XX
Hand on mossy tree – XX
Cattle – XX
Snowy Egret – Khushal Habibi

Equity & Environmental Justice

Header – Group of people cleaning up park – iStock
Four men on dock – XX
People talking in front of a construction zone – XX
Family of four on a hike – iStock
Indigenous leaders meeting – Beth Wald
Group on hike examining a plant – iStock
Man with pack in woods – XX


Header – Forest fire – Mike Lewelling, NPS
Zion National Park – Eelco Bohtlingk
Hurricane Harvey flooding – 1st Lt. Zachary West, U.S. Army National Guard
Forest fire at night – Peter Buschmann
Boy standing on a gate with cowboy hat – iStock
Madina Lake in Texas – XX
Aerial photo of marshes – Earl Nottingham, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Salmon swimming up a river – ThinkStock

Land & Water

Header – Eagle flying over hills – iStock
Aerial Photo of Matagorda Bay coastline – Earl Nottingham, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Pronghorn behind fence – XX
Bull Elk – William Wiley
Collin O’Mara with algal bloom –
Duck landing on river – Bill S. Petrunich
Aerial view of marshes – iStock


Header – Hummingbird – Zhixia Shi


Octopus – Pexels


Hiker at Jacob Hamblin Arch, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah – iStock