Letter from the President

Reimagining Nature in the City with the Green Dot Coalition
Photo Credit: Green Dot Coalition

Addressing Immense and Interconnected Crises

Taking Action to Save Wildlife, People, and the Planet

Our world is at an inflection point. Millions of species are inching closer and closer to extinction. We are nearing a point of no return on the global climate crisis. Whole communities remain vulnerable to unnatural disasters. The work of the National Wildlife Federation has never been more relevant, salient, and urgent than now.

Despite some discouraging news, 2023 was a banner year for the Federation in our work to address these immense and interconnected crises. Whether the progress we secured through Congress and the White House or on-the-ground work in states and local communities — from partnering with houses of worship across Wilmington to celebrating the legacy of P-22 in Los Angeles — we are making a real difference with our affiliates and allies alike.

Our impact can be measured in many ways — species saved, waterways cleaned, lands restored, and environmental injustices addressed — but we should not overlook that introspection can yield some of the most momentous gains.

For decades, conservation organizations have focused on pristine landscapes and majestic wildlife for inspiration. While important, this approach too often looked past people.

Through an immense amount of conversation and collaboration, the National Wildlife Federation’s affiliates, board, and staff all came together to create a vision that explicitly and emphatically works for people and wildlife:

In a critical time of accelerating climate and biodiversity crises, we envision improved ecological balance and safe, equitable access to clean water, air and land to ensure that all wildlife, people, and ecosystems thrive.

The National Wildlife Federation commits to achieve this by:


Upholding the We Believe, We Envision, We Commit statements adopted by NWF Affiliates. 


Working across the Federation to implement effective and innovative practices, policies, and programs that benefit wildlife, people, and our planet.


Expanding our impact, built through authentic relationships with existing affiliates and with partners and communities that have been traditionally excluded.


Moving with integrity and courage to affect transformational change at the intersection between wildlife conservation and environmental justice.

We have an immense amount of work to do in 2024 and beyond. This will be a determinative decade for people, wildlife, and the planet. Our time to reverse the sixth mass extinction and protect people and wildlife from climatic catastrophe is one measured in months and minutes. Tomorrow is today.

Our forthcoming strategic plan will chart a course for what’s next, but I would be remiss not to thank you all for help and support getting where we are. 2023 was a year of important wins for wildlife and people. These impacts only happened thanks to your generous interest, involvement, and generosity. They also resulted from the hard work and authentic partnerships with the National Wildlife Federation’s 52 state and territorial affiliates and community organizations across the country.

Please join me in celebrating our shared victories for wildlife, people, and the planet, as we redouble our efforts in the new year. Thank you.

Collin O’Mara
President and CEO
National Wildlife Federation