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Protecting Wildlife, People, and Our Planet

Group of pronghorns grazing in field
Collin O'Mara

Letter from Collin O’Mara

President and CEO
National Wildlife Federation

As the adage goes, we do not inherit the land, water, and wildlife from our parents, we borrow them from our children…

Education & Engagement

An Early Start for a Brighter Future

Connecting today’s youth to nature is fundamental to protecting our environment and benefits both people and wildlife…

Group of teenagers in Earth Tomorrow group
20years of Earth

Forging Alliances for Good

The National Wildlife Federation’s work conserving wildlife around the world relies upon our close partnerships with allies to reach larger audiences, advocate for sustainability, and achieve aligned and measurable actions that encourage agricultural and forestry practices to protect forests and other important ecosystems…

Woman waters plants with a watering can
Bull elk with antler rack in Jasper National Park

Transitioning to a Clean Economy

From native grasslands to coastal wetlands to bottomland hardwood forests, nature plays a vital role in sequestering carbon and shielding communities from the effects of severe climate-fueled fires, floods, hurricanes, and storms…

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40+page guide for
addressing climate
change in national
Land & Water

A Source of Inspiration and Wonder

Stewardship and caring for the land and water is at the crux of why the National Wildlife Federation is invested in conservation policy work…

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Bull elk with antler rack in Jasper National Park

Making a Difference

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Making a Difference

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Group of kids standing in front of fish tank watching fish eggs develop

Oregon Fish Eggs to Fry Program

This vast partnership is a classroom salmon and trout rearing program and has provided resources for the 150+ participating classrooms. The program also delivers eggs, technical aquarium expertise, educator professional development, classroom presentations, field trip assistance, and more.

Two men working after the storm to find water

Winter Storm Uri Legislative

Winter storm Uri’s record-breaking polar vortex crippled cities and wildlife across Texas. The Federation’s Texas Coast and Water Program issued a detailed policy brief for state decision-makers outlining the legislative interventions needed to address the state’s long-running water infrastructure challenges laid bare by the storm.

A monkey hanging on a tree in the Amazon Rainforest

Meatpackers Commit to Removing Deforestation

Through a partnership, the Federation developed an innovative tool that enables meatpackers to trace the cattle they buy and monitor for deforestation. National and international media coverage succeeded in raising awareness of this challenge with key beef and leather buyers and brands.

Group of kids working in a garden on a sunny day in New York

The RiSC Youth Resilience Ambassador Corp

RiSC is an eight-week summer program introducing students to climate change and resilience concepts. The students designed a Coastal Community Vulnerability Assessment that will be deployed by student teams in the Spring. A short film, “It’s Our Future,” was accepted into six film festivals in 2021: from New York to Australia!

New York
Large group of bison walking through the snowy mountains

Tribal Buffalo Vision

More acres for buffalo were secured on the Wind River Reservation, Tribal partners were engaged to elevate their values, expertise, and goals, and the Federation has continued to serve as a national leader on seeking both cultural and ecological resources for Tribes on their ancestral lands.

Wind River
Child working in garden with adult, watering a plant

Children Thrive Outside

The National Wildlife Federation’s Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) team expanded nationally in 2021 to work closely with communities in Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nebraska, as well as convening a national dialogue on the importance of outdoor quality in America’s overburdened childcare system. These efforts led to greater emphasis of outdoor spaces in America’s Head Start system and paved the way to build a new generation of healthy, engaged conservation stewards.

Two adults working in a garden together on a sunny day

Transforming Vacant Lots into Climate Resilient Pollinator Habitat

We piloted a project to explore how cities with vacant lots can restore these sites to provide climate-resilient wildlife habitat, green stormwater infrastructure, equitable access to nearby nature, and create economic/job training opportunities. Included, the Federation installed 50 pollinator gardens on 26 different vacant lots.

A duck flying through the air getting ready to land

Critical Environmental Flows Legislation

With partners in Texas, the Federation’s Texas Coast and Water Program helped push a critical Texas bill which directs the state to take an active role in expanding the use of the state’s water trust to preserve instream flows in Texas rivers and freshwater inflows to our productive coastal bays and estuaries. 

EcoCareers Conference flyer states that event will be held on April 6-7, 2022

Fifth Annual EcoCareers Conference

Our fifth annual conference welcomed 900 people to learn about careers in conservation and sustainability. Four career sectors were selected based on their renewed importance in light of the pandemic: sustainability in healthcare; environmental justice; journalism; and green technology and infrastructure.

Bird's eye view of tractor driving through large field of crops

Sustainable Agriculture Outreach

Eight farmer Conservation Champion teams were supported through small grants, coaching, and virtual messaging and communications training. These Champions conducted peer-to-peer outreach on sustainable agriculture practices that resulted in the planting of an estimated 46,000 new acres into cover crops across six states.

Group of oysters on side of body of water

Oyster Retrofit Technique

Oyster castle breakwaters were installed and studied in the Choptank River. A complex model has been produced to evaluate the effects of this installation on the shoreline over time. With an idea budding from the initial installation, the Federation is developing a novel restoration technique, the Oyster Retrofit, to green grey infrastructure.

Choptank River
Student Conservation Association intern and Youth Conservation Corps crew leader Jen Christopherson, worked hard helping the kids build the bridge

Clean Economy Coalition of Color

An alliance of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and Pacific Islander leaders and advocates of color was launched in 2021 to guide clean energy economy policies and implementation. The solutions they propose will help address environmental injustices, improve climate resilience, and reduce carbon emissions.

Group of participants of Teach4Climate standing on roof of a tall building

Teach4Climate Summer Institute

A three-day summer institute for Philadelphia teachers around local climate science, communications, and how to facilitate student action. In August, the partnership explored climate change as an environmental justice issue and focused specifically on urban heat islands and solutions to heat vulnerability.